About the FCH


The mission of The Foothills Communication Hub is to provide an all-inclusive and easily accessible multimedia information portal of resources and events for East Whatcom Foothills residents.


The Foothills Communication Hub vision is to provide a means for East Whatcom Foothills residents to access vital resources and events that can help improve their quality of life.


Recognizing that an understanding of the issues that arise due to differences between gender, age, religions, lifestyles, beliefs, physical capabilities and cultures is necessary to an informed and vibrant community, the Foothills Communication Hub is committed to inclusive, respectful coverage of all groups and persons within our region.

What is the FCH?

Connecting Foothills residents with vital resources and events through our resource listings, interactive events calendar and map.

When you live in a far-flung, isolated rural place like the Mt. Baker foothills, information and communication are essential. Whether it’s a potential emergency or promising event, residents of our rural communities need access to reliable sources of information

The idea began with Matthew Thuney, The Voice of the Valley on KAVZ Radio, and Carl McDaniel realizing our region had no reliable, consistent information source. They worked together with Community Fellows to develop a plan of action and set about implementing it. With a grant from the Foothills Community Alliance, and the help of community members, Matthew was able to spend his last days seeing his vision, and his and Carl’s hard work, coming to fruition.

The objective of The Foothills Communication Hub is providing a unified source of information that
brings together print, radio and online media to serve as a single information clearing-house and
dissemination point to inform and empower the people of the foothills.

Nooksack River in Winter
Foothills at Whatcom County
Sumas Mountain photo by Anne Menard

Meet the Board

The Foothills Communication Hub Board of Directors is a small group of volunteers from several Foothills communities. We give our time to this organization in order to bring better methods of communication, including local radio station KAVZ, The Communication Hub print publication, and The Communication Hub website to our rural Foothills communities. We believe good communication is at the heart of a community’s ability to grow and thrive and each board member is committed to helping achieve this.

Carl McDaniel Chairman of the Board

Carl McDaniel

Chair - Board of Directors

Melonie Ancheta Secretary of the Board

Melonie Ancheta

Secretary - Board of Directors

Katrina Buckman Board Member

Katrina Buckman

Member - Board of Directors

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